EVERY BROKEN TRUST by Linda Rodriguez – Book Review

Linda Rodriguez
May 2013
St Martins/Minotaur

Some people aren’t made for parties. Marquitta “Skeet” Bannion is very definitely one of them. Then why did she agree to allow a huge party for a politician to be thrown at her house? Don’t think she hasn’t been asking herself that question for weeks. But here it is, the day of the party thrown by her friend Karen Wise (who was very much made for parties), and while Karen is calm, Skeet wants to will the party to evaporate. Instead, she is forcing a smile onto her face to greet guests she doesn’t want.
Skeet will soon be forced from being a reluctant part host back to chief of police when, first, a drunken friend (Leonard Klamath) needs a gentle removal from the festivities. And second, when Karen calls and the call ends with a groan and a thunk as the phone hits the ground. Skeet races to The Caves, an area on Chouteau University grounds. When she reached the nearby parking lot, she discovers Leonard dead and Karen unconscious.
Karen recovers but becomes obsessed with the murder. Before he died, Leonard intimated a claim that the death of Karen’s husband years before wasn’t an accident. Skeet needs to find answers and fast when Karen’s life is threatened yet again. And, even closer to home, her prospective adoptee son, 14 year old Brian, becomes involved with the defiant politicians daughter. Knowing she could lose custody of Brian and that Karen’s life is in danger, Skeet needs to find answers fast!
The first Skeet Bannion showed great promise for a series featuring a strong and complicated heroine. This sophomore effort cements Linda Rodriguez as a writer whose promise has been made good. Damn good book.
Jennifer Jordan