THE EVIL DEEDS WE DO by Robert S Levinson Reviewed

EvilThatTHE EVIL DEEDS WE DO (Five Star) by Robert S. Levinson is the full package, great characters, a superbly twisty plot and pacing that makes it a true page turner. Lainie Gardner was big time in the music industry and her past is catching up with her. Legal problems involving a deceased husband, an ex- boyfriend with a less than legal solution, but maybe the only one.  Complicating things are problems with Sara, Lainie’s teenage daughter who ends up in the middle. I love the way Levinson builds the mystery and suspense, it’s subtle and while reading you find yourself getting more anxious because the he keeps upping the ante of the story and keeps the reader guessing right to the end. Levinson also writes LA like he owns it and it just lays out for him. One of our favorites of the year so far.