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Fables Volume 12: The Dark Ages

THE DARK AGES collection from Vertigo’s Fables series is a bit of an epilogue to the war with the Adversary. In the aftermath the fables are getting back to what is normal and dealing with their losses. There is a whole issue on Pinocchio helping his Dad acclimate to his new New York home that was really interesting. One of the people not celebrating is Boy Blue as he is still suffering from an injury which as it turns out is magical in nature.

Part of this collection is also setting up the next story arc which involves a person only known as The Dark Man. Two looters in the homelands accidentally let the Dark Man loose and he immediately starts to cause problems, eventually coming to Fabletown and destroying it. Once again it looks like our heroes are on the defensive.

Fables has been a great book since issue one and while a lot of what went before led up to the war it is clear here that there are still a lot of tales left to tell. Bill Willingham is really doing a great job with this book.

And don’t forget that PETER AND MAX is out now and the novel is a great addition to this series.

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