FAIRLY LEGAL: a look at season three

FAIRLY LEGAL returns, on the USA Network, Friday March 16th 8cst.

Fairly Legal is back with its second season. The first three episodes are Satisfaction, Start Me Up and Bait and Switch. Starring Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed Fairly Legal is obviously a law show, but it is not a typical law show, there are almost no court scenes and Kate doesn’t want to be in court. Her job as a mediator lets her help people find solutions that help keep them from having to go to court.

Kate has some baggage, a about to be ex-husband Justin (Michael Trucco formerly of Battlestar Galactica) who works as an assistant DA, a step mother, Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed, who runs the law firm her father started and an uncontrollable urge to help people even when it’s in her best interest to stop.

Episode one, Satisfaction, has Kate coming back to work even though she had been fired. She makes a stand and decides she is going to stake her claim. She is also mediating a case that involves a chemical company that is being sued for making its works sick. The fun comes in when she starts butting heads with one Ben Grogan, a new lawyer in town with a record of winning.

In the second episode Kate is up against the FBI when they skip someone up the transplant list to give a liver to someone who is being protected. The person getting passed over may die and Kate is not going to let that happen. Her solution to the whole matter is damn clever.

Kate is mandated by a judge to mediate a dispute in episode three, a worker lost his hand on a boat but the captain is refusing to pay. Things are not what they seem and Kate is determined to set things right. Interesting things are afoot at Reed and Reed as well as Kate and her stepmother try to work together to save the firm.

Fairly Legal is a fun show, and like most shows on USA network is character driven and family safe. What that means is that it is a bit light hearted and sometimes pushes the limits of reality, but it is damn fun. Shahi is wonderful in the role and she has energy to spare. The rest of the cast fit in well and are all people that are easy to like. Watching her in action you just can’t help but want to cheer Kate on. The San Fransciso setting is terrific and I love the way they use the city so well. I was also happy to see a number of Battlestar Galactica alum in the first few episodes. If you haven’t seen it yet give it a shot