February 24th buy list

Well, it’s no suprise that topping my buy list and going straight to the top of the “To Be Read” pile is BLACKEST NIGHT #7. Geoff Johns has always been a great writer but on this he is really hitting it out of the park, like into the next state.

(The Blackest Night books this week were all terrific)

From DC I’m also picking up:
SUPERMAN #397 (I’m a sucker for any book with Krypto on the cover)

Also getting HITMAN VOL.2 Trade collection, and I’m sure once I get to the store there will be other from DC to entice me.
And don’t forget the latest DC animated movie: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS.

Avatar has a new issue of GRAVEL out today, #17. Also, THE CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD, THE LAST BATTLE #3. Both of these are great books from a really amazing indie.

Today’s Marvel pull list is:

There will be more coming home with me I’m sure, but these are the ones I plan to buy for sure.

By the way, there is a hard cover collection of the first arc from KICK-ASS. It’s a great book and a lot of fun. Plus the added buzz of the movie. Just read the first volume and loved it.

Thursday Update:

Picked up SCALPED #35. A stand alone issue that brought tears to my eyes. Jason Aaron is amazing. A Native American couple in their later years and the struggles they go through in their day to day life. Awesome.

Also picked up THE WALKING DEAD #70. Damn this book is good.

Picked up PROJECT SUPER POWERS CHAPTER TWO, trade volume 1 and #7.
I read the first round and really enjoyed this revamping of lost heroes. I thought I would wait for trades but couldn’t help buy the new one with the great cover. Great fun.

THOR #697, part of the siege story line. I’m not getting all of it, but I’m spot buying to keep track of what is happening. The promise of “The Heroic Age” makes me think I may get more Marvel this summer. It’s been too dark too long over there. Thor is still a great character and the direction of late has been really interesting.

I also picked up Top Cow’s BROKEN TRINITY trade. I love these characters, but find it more satisfying to read in large chunks, thus I wait for trades. good story, great art.