Film Reivew: Iron Man

Comic book movies for me have usually been disappointing. Most of them I wait till the DVD comes out and I’ll rent it first. WHile there are some funs scenes in each movie they usaully don’t capture the feel of the comic. There have been a few good ones, I like the first two X-Men movies and Batman Begins.

My plan wa to wait for Iron Man on disc and watch at home, Ruth wanted to go to the big sreen. I’m glad we did.
Robert Downey Jr. was perfect as Tony Stark. He had the rich playboy genius down pat. Ans the reworkd origin was so closley based on the original story I was boncing in my seat. The armor also looked great. The whole plot used elements from the comics and while totally accessable to non comics readers fans of the comics should love it.

Also, at the end of the movie after the credits there is a really really nice nuggget for fans that gives a hint of what’s comeing next.

From what I understand Marvel has a plan in place for a number of movies that will allow their characters to be in the same movies, Robert Downey Jr. has a cameo in the ne Hulk movie (which looks good) and there was a glimpse of a red white and blue shield in Iron Man.
It would be nice if DC could work this out so that Superman and Batman could meet and see other heros as well.

I’m glad we saw Iron Man in the theater. The action plays great when it’s that big and that loud.