Directed and Written by Dan Fogelman
Starring: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Plummer, Bobby Cannavale

Has there ever been a movie about the life of a singer where an actor (or even someone dubbing for him) sang so little? I can’t think of one. In DANNY COLLINS, Al Pacino plays a washed-up rocker who now, at best, performs as a lounge act. He has a signature song but not much else. But when his agent (Plummer) brings him a recently discovered letter from John Lennon applauding Collins’ talent back in the seventies, Danny begins to examine his life. As he prepares to revive his career, he also looks up the son (Cannavale) he has never met. And that confrontation/relationship is the crux of the film.

This isn’t a terrible film. But boy, I just don’t understand why aging actors like–well, you know the list–insist on playing the lead in these maudlin, sentimental movies. Why don’t they follow the example of Robert Duvall or recently Bruce Dern and find parts that are not always at the center of a film. I can’t remember the last time any of these rock stars of the seventies impressed me with either their choice of a role or the way that they played it. Faintly recommended.

Patti Abbott
In addition to being the Crimespree Senior Film Critic, Patti has penned numerous short stories and her debut novel, CONCRETE ANGEL, will be published on June 9th . She hosts a look at Forgotten Books every Friday with readers, writers and reviewers at She hopes you’ll join in.