Film Review: EVEN THE RAIN

Directed by Iciar Ballain
Written by Paul Laverty
Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal, Luis Tosar, Juan Carlos Aduviri

This is a harrowing film. It also is a very good one. I knew both facts going into the theater, but made a conscious choice to bear up. The fact that is superbly directed, acted, filmed and awfully clever goes a long way toward ameliorating the horror of what you see. The fact that there is a film inside a film inside a film constantly impresses the viewer. The lens changes hands and crosses time, but the people still act badly.

PLOT: A film crew strapped financially goes to Bolivia to shoot a film about Christopher Columbus and his first forays into the new world. They are shooting in Bolivia because labor is cheap there and the terrain similar. The man they choose to play a leading role in the film turns out to be a local activist. When a firm comes in, and with government cooperation, closes the wells and demands a huge payment from the people for their own water, Daniel leads a rebellion, which quickly gets out of hand. The film crew is caught up in the revolt and various men show their mettle. Or not.

We also watch as the film makers exploit local labor much like the Spaniards did five hundred years ago. The government and business combine to do them in. The Spaniards of the 1500s similarly taxed the locals and stole in the name of their king and God. Various exploitations occur to various players at various points.

I can’t say this film is for everyone. But with the events occurring around the world and across the country right now, it is especially timely.

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