Film Review: GLORIA

Directed by Sebastian Lelio
Written by Lelio and Gonzalo Maza
Starring Paulina Garcia, Sergio Hermandez

GLORIA reminded me in some ways of THE GREAT BEAUTY from a few weeks ago. Here we have another film about a character past a certain age who is trying to construct a meaningful, full life—one that is not just concerned with the winter of our years. In GLORIA’s case, she is looking for a male companion, and not just a companion, a sexual partner that will leave her fulfilled. She loves her grown children but their interests lie elsewhere and she feels too alone.

She meets a man who at first gives signs of being married. This is not the case, but he is given to odd flights, leaving her alone at a family celebration, with the bill to pay at a resort. Is a relationship like this enough? This is what GLORIA is about-what will we settle for or what won’t we?

If seeing older people have sex disturbs you, get used to it!
Paulina Gracia gives a beautiful performance. The music is thrilling. The Santiago setting new to our eyes. Highly recommended. (and yes, Gloria’s resemblance to a movie icon is unfortunate).