Film Review: GONE GIRL

Directed by David Fincher
Written by Gillian Flynn, based on her novel
Starrint Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Kim Dickens, Carrie Coon, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry


I was ready to write a review of GONE GIRL this week although everyone with a column, a blog or a facebook account has already written one. Not much left to say at this point.

Four of us saw it, all fans of the book, and all of us liked it. Each of us had some minor issues: too long, too much time spent on the media, Nick is too bland—hard to believe Amy would marry this dolt, the Desi part doesn’t work all that well, occasionally it seemed too much like a Lifetime Movie, not enough about Amy’s grievances and her parents’ misuse of her to give her proper motivation for her seething anger. Although the list is long, none of these do much to spoil a riveting film.

The reason I was won over in a big way, despite some caveats, was Amy. Both the character and Pike’s performance. I am a bit embarrassed to say that I enjoyed having a woman outsmart, outmaneuver, and out badass everyone else in the film. Rosamund Pike did a fantastic job of making Amy the compelling character she was written to be. And once she seized control of the film-about 60% in, it just soars with her malevolence. You believe there is nothing she won’t do to reap revenge on her cheating husband. She will even bear his child, remaining married to a man she hates. What could be more fun than watching him squirm with fear and dread at the idea of a life with her. He’s become the perfect mate—only he knows just how smart and evil she is, yet he cannot leave.

Yes, this was a beautifully written, acted, and orchestrated film. It’s entertaining and fun for anyone who finds evil interesting. But really, it’s all about Amazing Amy. And baby, I’m amazed.

Patti Abbott