Film Review – LOOPER

They are the most difficult movies to get right. Making a good time travel movie seems to be as challenging as actually time traveling. But every now and then someone takes it seriously and makes a great film that does it right. Or as right as it can be done.
The future isn’t bright. It’s dark and depressing and totally realistic. Aside from the people with budding telekinesis. (though I know many of us are hoping that one comes true) In this future the world has “loopers.” A crime syndicate from the far future sends unwanteds to a time and place where the loopers kill them and dispose of the body. They collect the money and go on their merry, repeating said events, until your loop closes. When you’re required to kill yourself. You just don’t realize it. After your murder your future self you’re free to live the rest of your life, until that faithful day. Willis, however has a different idea. When he shows up, he escapes. Willis is being chased by Levitt and the looper syndicate, that’s also after Levitt himself. As time changes, so does Willis’ memories. Time can be rewritten. That’s what Willis’ mission is.


Like it was stated before, time travel movies are difficult. But this one does fire on all cylinders. Like all films there are flaws to be pointed out, arguments to be made, but it’s just easy to pick apart these films. “Looper” manages to be a great thinking action flick. And there is a lot to it. It’s a rare four act film. Two main characters not even being introduced until the second half of the film. It’s set up very well and achieves in making a great movie all around, beyond even the sci-fi and crime aspect of it all.
Looper stars the charming, Cary-Grant-of-our-time Joseph Gordon-Levitt made to look like a young Bruce Willis. At first, the makeup (especially the nose) is jarring. But soon enough you realize that they actually did a good job transforming Levitt into the ruggedly-handsome-at-any-age Willis. Levitt’s status as an A-lister has been building for years. Many of us still remember him as “that kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun,” and are amazed at the brilliance of his career choices. As always he does amazingly in this. While barrowing little hints from young Willis he still manages to make the role his own. While Willis mainly plays himself these days he did an exceptional job of it. One exceptional role I don’t even want to talk about because of potential spoilers but it was perfectly cast with a newcomer in the role.
Looper is a great time travel movie. Adding that qualifier is important. Thankfully, the makes of the movie went to extra lengths to succeed. While you might questions a thing or two the film itself is strong and interesting enough to keep you firmly on the side of being glad you saw it.
_ Jo Schmidt
Jo is a recovering comics store manager with a degree in film study, he is also one of Crimespree’s GO TO guys for pop culture.