Film Review: STARLET

Directed by Sean Baker
Written by Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch
Starring Dree Hemmingway, Besedka Johnson, James Ransone

Jane (Hemmingway) at first appears to be a drifter; she has very little to do although she lives with two other young people in a nice suburban house. When she decides to decorate her room, she and her dog, a phlegmatic Chihuahua named Starlet, set out to find some cool stuff at garage sales. One stop is at an elderly woman’s (Johnson) house where she purchases a vase for a dollar. When Jane later discovers the vase has secrets, she returns to the woman’s house and attempts to form a relationship with her. She forces it, in fact. Her initial motives are clear although her pursuit of a woman sixty years older than she is surprising. Perhaps they are soul mates.

There are a lot of secrets in this movie that would constitute spoilers in this review. And the less you know about who Jane is, what she does, and what Sadie’s story is, the better. This is a charming and surprising movie. Although it seldom goes where you expect it to go, it never veers away from seeming like the natural flow of the narrative. The acting from the two leads is superb. It feels like a LA you don’t often see. Highly recommended if you can find it.

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