Film Review: THE DROP

Directed by Michael R. Roskam
Written by Dennis Lehane, based on his short story “Animal Rescue”
Starring: Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace, John Ortiz

THE DROP is a terrific film. I can’t think of a better crime movie in recent months. The short story it is based on “Animal Rescue” (from Boston Noir) is a strong place to start. It gives us a terrific setting (Boston becomes Brooklyn in the film, three strong characters, some pretty nasty villains, a cute dog. On top of that, we get a touching love story and not just between the man and the dog.

The movie one ups it by getting Tom Hardy to play the lead, a bartender, Bob, who falls in love with a stray dog and the woman who helps him care for it. Tom Hardy can do more with his face than anyone I can think of. If you compare this character to the one in LOCKE, you can see how talented he is. Two completely different characters but both driven by dire circumstances.

What a great final role for Gandolfini. Uncle Marv is a guy who lost his business to the Chechen mob but is still looking for ways to move up in the crime organization. Lehane wisely gives us scenes with Marv and his sister, which humanizes him.

It’s hard to think how this film could be any better although it moves slowly. But that’s Bob. And Bob is the heart of the film. Highly recommended.

Patti Abbott