Film Review: The Skeleton Twins

Skeleton TwinsDirected by Craig  Johnson
Written by Mark Heyman and Craig Johnson
Starring: Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell

Twins Maggie and Milo have been estranged for ten years when Milo’s attempt at suicide brings them together. She bundles him up and takes him back to New York where she lives with her lovable if not much loved husband. (Wilson). The siblings are prickly but their shared memories of a difficult childhood bring them together in the end. That’s basically the plot but the two are entirely believable as siblings, as troubled people, as characters you root for. The trailers make this seem more like a comedy than it actually is but the comic scenes are all gems.

There are just a few great films about brothers and sisters (YOU CAN COUNT ON ME) and (THE SAVAGES) and this film joins that select group. SNL is producing some awfully good actors that are able to succeed in serious films as well as in comedies. Highly recommended.

Patti Abbott