trip_to_italyDirected by Michael Winterbottom, based on a TV series and the 2010 film THE TRIP
Starring: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

The success of the 2010 film THE TRIP pretty much assured another adventure for the duo. In the first film, they trudged through the North of England, eating, doing imitations of famous actors, making anxious calls back home, and, most importantly, bonding with each other and making the audience laugh.

There is not all that much new in this second film. The duo is now following the path of the 19th century Romantic Poets in Italy. The food is better, if less discussed; their accommodations have been bumped up a notch; Steve had a vastly better haircut; they get around on yachts and in a fancier car, and now it is Rob taking the lead in landing the trip and having affairs. The trip seems a whole lot posher than the last one.

They pretty much do the same imitations they did four years ago although I wished for subtitles at some points. But one new ingredient is their tussle with their mortality. They are far older already than the poets they are quoting and tracking. Pompei confirms the idea that yes, we did, famous or not.

If you enjoyed the first film, you will likely enjoy this one. But it didn’t have enough new ideas to make me like it more.

Patti Abbott