Directed by Crystal Moselle

Certainly everyone is familiar with THE WOLFPACK’s premise by now. A few years back, documentary film maker, Crystal Moselle, ran into one of the Angulo brothers wandering the streets near their housing project in lower Manhattan. The six Angulo brothers (and their one sister) had spent their entire lives locked in a tiny apartment by their father, Oscar, sometimes only leaving their apartment once a year. His wife, Suzanne, was also a victim of his paranoid delusions (or excessive need for power) that they were safer there. To occupy themselves, the boys watched the over 5000 videos, Oscar brought home. And taking it one step further, they created their own costumes and props, acting out the movies, especially the ones from directors like Quentin Tarantino. This outlet and love for their mother kept them largely sane until one of them finally broke out.

This was a terrific documentary. Especially heartening to those who believe in the power of “story’ to elevate a life. What made it even better was how lovable its characters were. You rooted for them from the first moments.

Patti Abbott
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