Filming wraps on THE GUARDS.

Filming has been completed on Magma’s THE GUARDS, the television production based on Ken Bruen’s novel.

‘The Guards’ tells the tale of Jack Taylor, a disgraced ex-cop, cast out of the force after physically assaulting a member of parliament. Now operating as a private eye, Jack takes his drinking as seriously as his job. When asked to find a missing child, his investigation uncovers the seedy underbelly of Galway City. Then, when an old friend of Jack’s dies under mysterious circumstances, everything Jack believes in begins to unravel, making him question even those closest to him.

I spoke with Ken (pictured here with producer Ralph Christians as some extras) and he is thrilled with the production. According to him, Iain looks completely fooked and 20 years older and has such presence. How often can one take being “fooked” as a compliment?

Filming will start on THE KILLING OF THE TINKERS in May of 2010.