Final season of SAVING GRACE begins on March 29th.

On Monday, March 29th, SAVING GRACE begins it’s fourth and final season.

SAVING GRACE follows Hunter’s Grace Hanadarko as she investigates brutal crimes while also trying to navigate her increasingly unusual life. Grace lives passionately, but her hard and fast lifestyle is often questioned by her unconventional last-chance angel, Earl (Leon Rippy Deadwood), whose interaction and occasional interference in her life is, according to him, all part of God’s master plan.

In the final season, Grace is forced to examine the possibility that her life has a divine purpose. Among the storylines the final nine episodes will explore will be a tragic accident that will change Grace’s life, a new phase in Grace’s relationship with Ham, a major life change for Perry and secret revelations about Butch’s past. All the while, Earl will continue to be a part of Grace’s life as he steers her towards a destiny even he doesn’t understand fully.

I initially stayed away from SG because of the religious nature. I finally decided to review the season one DVD set and was really impressed. The writing is good and the acting top notch. It is more spiritual than religious, something that makes it easier for me.

TNT has become a dramatic powerhouse and it all started with THE CLOSER and SAVING GRACE. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.