First a movie, now a television series: P.D. James’ Children of Men may live again.

Legendary mystery author P.D. James saw her sci-fi novel, Children of Men made into a very good film that starred Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. Now the source material for the film is being adapted into a television series. is reporting that David Eick is working on a pilot script to bring the novel to television. Eick is currently the exec producer for the critically acclaimed Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica as well as for the recently deceased Bionic Woman (You take the good with the bad.). He also was a producer on Hercules (Ugh!) and American Gothic. For those that are unfamiliar with Gothic, it was a brilliant series that aired on CBS in 1995-96. The series was delightfully dark and disturbing. I remember somebody telling me it was the series that Stephen King wished he had made.

Eick certainly has the skills to bring James’ vision of the future to television.

As I understand it, the series will stay pretty faithful to the original novel. The film used the same general idea, but strayed quite a bit from the overall story.

While working on the CoM script, Eick’s next project will be Sci Fi channel series called Caprica. Caprica will be a prequel to Galactica and will be set about 50 years prior to that series.