First Impressions: THE GLADES.

I first wrote about THE GLADES (Then called SUGARLOAF) back in February. As time went on, we were treated to various teasers, promos and clips. My anticipation grew with each one. A protagonist that is smart, almost as smart as he thinks he is. An exotic (for me) setting and murder. What the hell else could one ask for?

How about a decent script? Good cinematography?

The show is set in Palm Glade, a gulf coast town. Ok, so why not take advantage of the locale? Because outside of some gators, this could have taken place in any place that has golf courses, beaches and swamps. The show failed to utilize the setting. Something I find baffling since it is in the name of the show.

Matt Passmore (Lt. Jim Longworth) has some pretty entertaining lines, but the writers seem to have used up all the good ones on him. Everyone else seems to stand around, playing straight man for him. I don’t have a problem with him being obnoxious. A legendary pro wrestler (Shawn Michaels) once said that nothing upsets people more than being cocky and backing it up. Jim could certainly fall into that category, but then the writers needs to step up and convince us of his greatness. As it is, he is just cocky and irritating.

I watched the pilot with Myss Lynch and my brother-in-law and while none of us hated it, all parties were actually kind of bored. This show felt like it would fit in on late 80s/early 90s CBS with MURDER, SHE WROTE and the ilk.

One episode is not enough to proclaim a show brilliant or an utter disaster, but THE GLADES had best show marked improvement or it will quickly find itself in my (and likely America’s) rear-view mirror.

Based on the pilot, I would give it a C-.