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Five Please!!

Murder and Mayhem in Muskego number four is a wrap and what a weekend.
Once again a huge crowd mainly from the Midwest came out in droves to see a great group of writers talk about the books we here at Crimespree love best.

This year, like all has entirely recharged our batteries. From the early arrival of Kat Richardson, Blake Crouch and Sean Chercover, to the just left Simon Woods, Alison Jansen (Bleak House Books), Marcus Sakey and Sean Chercover, the extra and quiet moments we spent with all the writers is just grand. The time we spent in the library was magic. Reaching out to readers and presenting them with such a spectacular sampling of the talent available within the mystery genre is brilliant.

We brought back a forensics session this year and it was wonderful. Michael Black and Dave Case started the day off for us with Crime Scene Cops and grabbed everyone’s interest right away. And then we were off.

From Characters Welcome to Apt Pupil, this year had four great panels and three conversations, lunch was again provided by the library, there were books by everyone there for sale thanks to Richard Katz and Mystery One Bookstore. And the books that were there for free, just for coming, kept flowing…..

The raffle did well thanks to the support of all the library’s patrons.

We thank the following for attending and participating

Tom Shreck,
Tim Maleeny
Mark Combes
Simon Wood
Michael Allen Dymmock
Mario Acevedo
Kat Richardson
B. Clay Moore
Tasha Alexander
S.J. Rozan
Reed Farrell Coleman
Sean Chercover
Lori Armstrong
J.D. Rhodes
Tim Broderick
Caroline Todd
Charles Todd
Judy Clemens
Marcus Sakey
Victor Gischler
John Galligan
Blake Crouch
Anthony Neil Smith
Dennis Lehane
Michael Koryta

and a very special thanks to Libby Fischer Hellman. Libby came for the Friday Night “Stump the Stars” hosted by J.A. Konrath and drove and extra 150 miles for us on Saturday to fill in on a panel. Special People, our Libby…

Duane, Harry and Cornelia, we’re sorry you couldn’t make it and thinking of you.

There was news…. off the set and on. A Couple of Talking Points from the day

Charles and Caroline Todd just this minute signed a contact for a second series. Two Books a year? Christmas came early!!!

S.J. Rozan’s next book, Shanghai Moon marks the return of Bill and Lydia.

Judy Clemens next book features new protagonist Casey Maldanado. Described as a charcater escaping tragedy while roaming the country, it sounds like we might have a female Reacher.

Muskego’s own Allan Armstrong will become a published author in 09

And at the end of the day, in a fabulous interview by Michael Koryta of Dennis Lehane, we heard the news that Patrick and Angie are getting off the island. They have indeed knocked on Dennis’s door again. It looks like his next book may not be a sequel to THE GIVEN DAY after all. Are we ready for another Patrick and Angie Book? Yeah , I know…. stupid question….. stupid, stupid question.

this day of celebration was possible because of the work and efforts of the entire staff of the Muskego Library. Jane and Penny, feel the love. But it’s the organization “FRIENDS OF THE
MUSKEGO LIBRARY. We were honored to present them with a Crimespree award yesterday. They prove to us time and again, in books….. everything is possible.

See you next year!