Five Reasons I Can’t Wait to Hit the Archaia Booth at C2E2

Five Reasons I Can’t Wait to Hit the Archaia Booth at C2E2
By Bryan VanMeter
5. THEY ARE SOME OF THE COOLEST PEOPLE YOU WILL MEET. No, seriously, they are. They are all fan boys and girls at heart and love to discuss their stuff with you fan to fan, even if they’re the ones who wrote it. They are proud of their work and they should be.
4. MEL CAYLO SMILES WHEN YOU BRING HIM GOODIES. Does any more need to be said? Just bring the man some goodies
3. AMAZING NEW BOOKS. I cannot wait to get my hands on the latest and greatest that Archaia has to offer. With such wide ranging subjects as a burned out private detective (Mr. Murder is Dead), science fiction epics (Space: 1999), WWII fighter pilots (The Grand Duke), and childhood favorites brought back to life (The Dark Crystal) there is always something new and exciting to be found on the shelves of Archaia’s booth.
2. ROYDEN LEPP. I am unabashedly a fan of Mr. Lepp. His book Rust instantly became one of my favorite books ever. The sequel, which just came out this year, was equally brilliant. You can wait in line for signatures from Adam West or Svengoolie. Me? I’ll be waiting for the creator of Rust.
1. THE UNEXPECTED. It may sound cliché, but one of the things I love about the Archaia booth is the unexpected. It isn’t scripted or some huge event created by a PR firm. It’s just a bunch of awesome and talented people hanging out in a world they love and love to be a part of. Last year I met the fantastic Brent Schoonover and picked up some amazing books I never would have touched had it not been for talking to the people at the booth. When other booths are trying to create an experience for the people, at Archaia the experience is the people. Always amazing, always fun, and always friendly, I can’t wait to be at their booth again.