Flashback: Cooking with Rick Riordan

I’m old enough to remember when Rick Riordan was known for writing great PI novels. I was a fan from the first book, BIG RED TEQUILA. We ask Rick around issue 2 to do an article for us on food. This is what he sent! Jon

Brunch with Rick Riordan Texas Style

Most of us have no trouble imagining an author typing away on the computer keyboard but what about his free time? A typical Sunday morning finds Rick Riordan hard at work on his latest Tres Navarre mystery or his new children’s series. His mother, realizing all work and no play makes Rick– well you get the picture– hosts our weekly brunch. After a few hours of writing Rick enjoys a relaxing meal with family. Rick’s folks are wonderful cooks and on this particular Sunday morning we are treated to a repast of migas, tortillas, pico de gallo, queso, watermelon aqua fresca, and Texas wine. Rick’s parents, Lyn and Mike Belisle, create a simple and casual Texas style meal that is easy to recreate in your own home.

riordan04Sunday Brunch Migas   4 or more large eggs depending on number of folks to served 4 teaspoons your favorite cooking oil 12 (6 inch) corn tortillas picante, or fresh pico for color and heat optional additions and garnishes: grated cheese, sour cream , cubed avocado, chopped peppers and onions

Directions Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cut corn tortillas into finger width strips(a pizza cutter works well for this) Fry strips stirring constantly, until they are just starting to get crisp. Set a few aside on paper towel for garnish. Wisk and pour the eggs into the skillet with the tortilla strips, stirring until the egg is cooked through to desired consistency. During the cooking process you may add a little bottled picante, hot pepper sauce, fresh pico de gallo, cheese, butter. Garnish with cubed avocado, grated or melted cheese (queso) and sour crème. Season with salt to taste. Serve immediately.

riordan01Grandpa Mikey says to make extra for an easy breakfast the next day.   Watermelon Agua Fresca   One cubed seedless watermelon sugar or artificial sweetener juice from a lime, water. Lime wedges (optional) Tres Navarre says go ahead and add liquor if you must, but he prefers his strait up!   Directions Combine watermelon in a blender or food processor until smooth. At this point the mixture may be strained into an additional pitcher or bowel. Mix in water, lime, and sweetener. You will not need as much sweetener as you would with lemonade. Pour into glasses with ice. Garnish with lime slices.   Rick Riordan is the award winning author of the Tres Navarre series published by Bantam Books. The most recent is Southtown. The first of his new children’s series The Lightning Thief published by Miramax/Hyperion will be available late spring 2005. For additional information, news, and recipes please visit www.rickriordan.com Photo credit: Lyn and Mike Belisle