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Folks, we have a bonifide Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew resurgence.

After years of nothing, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are back with a vengence!

First there is the new Nancy Drew movie (Staring Emma Roberts, Rachael Leigh Cook and Tate Donavon) coming out June 15th. Click here for the official web site, complete with a trailer.

Then we got word that Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise are planning on playing the Hardy Brothers as grown men in The Hardy Men. Does anyone think they will make the Parker Stevenson/Shawn Cassidy series look like masterpiece theatre?

Now comes word that Simon & Schuster Interactive is making a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys: Super Mystery Series computer game. Now I am sure many of you are thinking “That sounds cool, tell me more about it.” Well, I can’t. I have not been able to find out much about it. But rest assured, if I do uncover some details, I shall share them with you.