For the first time in her career, Sandra Brown sells films right to one of her novels.

New York Times Best-selling author Sandra Brown has sold the film rights to her novel Witness to TwinStar films.

Brown has written over 50 novels, but had previously avoided selling the film rights. The reason? Most movies based on books suck. Those are my words, not hers. She actually said, in a Hollywood Reporter article, “Some excellent books have been made into excellent movies, but just as often the film renditions were bad.”

I am not sure “bad” properly describes Be Cool, Striptease or The Big Bounce.

Idealistic public defender Kendall Deaton, who discovers a dark secret in the forest near her small South Carolina town. It leads her to turn state’s witness against her white supremacist ex-husband and father-in-law as she struggles to discover whom she can trust.