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Forgotten Friday 11/20/09.

Here is the line-up for Nov 20th.

Paul Bishop, The Jane Bond Adventures, Mable Marley

Michael Carlson, Box Nine, Jack O’Connell

Bill Crider, The Girl on the Best Seller List, Vin Packer

Martin Edwards, Victims, B.M. Gill

Ray Foster, The Schoolgirl Murder Case, Colin Wilson

Ed Gorman, A Memory of Murder, Ray Bradbury

Libby Fisher Hellman, The Staked Goat, Jeremiah Healy

George Kelley, The Forgotten Touch, Edward Hoch

Evan Lewis, Dead at the Take-off, Lester Dent

Steve Lewis/David Vineyard, The Devil Rides Out, Dennis Wheatley

Todd Mason, SHORT STORY INTERNATIONAL, edited by Francesca Van der Ling, then Sylvia Tankel; ELLERY QUEEN’S ANTHOLOGY, edited by “Ellery Queen,” Eleanor Sullivan, et al., and the MAGAZINE OF HORROR edited by Robert Lowndes.

Bill Peschel, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, Paul Malmont

Eric Peterson, The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution, Donald Westlake

Laurie Powers, Truth and Beauty, Ann Patchett

Richard Prosch, Go For Your Gun, Coe Williams

James Reasoner, The Nick Adams Stories, Ernest Hemingway

Richard Robinson, Decoys, Richard Hoyt

Kerrie Smith, A Tasty Way to Die, Janet Laurence

R.T. A Garden of Vipers, Jack Kerley