Forthcoming Bond Box sets: U.K. gets a neat one, U.S. gets the shaft.

MGM is releasing a box set of ALL of the James Bond films (ok, not ALL since the original Casino Royale will not be included) in both region 1 (North America) and region 2 (U.K.). Neither of these has any new features, but simply include the Casino Royale remake along with the previously remastered films.

But all is not fair, let us take a look at the two.

First the U.K. package: 21 films plus two sets of branded Casino Royale playing cards and a complete set of poker chips from Carta Mundi, as seen in the film. £199.99 RRP with a November 12th release date.

Very cool packaging to snag anyone that has not already picked up the remastered versions (and some that have).

Now we go to the one made for North America:

Volumes 1-4 of the The James Bond Ultimate Editions along with the 2 disc version of Casino Royale…and that is it. No chips, no cards, not a damn thing! $199.99 SRP with a November 6th release date.

I already own these films, but clearly the U.K. is getting a little more love for the holidays.