Four Brilliant Books by Jeffrey Brown

You know what everyone loves? Star Wars. And Kittens. And laughing. There are four books by one man, Jeffrey Brown, that encompass the absolute best of all of those featured subjects.

Jeffrey Brown is one of the most prominent indie creators for quite a while. His unique art style make his work stand out and pull in eyes.

Sometimes it takes a genius to put two obvious things together. Jeffrey Brown did just that with his “Star Wars” inspired series. Starting with “Darth Vader and Son,” We get a bunch of little comics between Darth Vader and an adolescent Luke Skywalker. They are adorable and hilarious as the Dark Lord of the Sith takes his son to the zoo and fixes boo-boos. Littered with tongue-in-cheek references and winks, every level of “Star Wars” fan will fall in love with laughter and understanding. “Vader’s Little Princess” is the sequel that has Vader dealing with Leia as she grows up. Parents can take a lot of appreciation in the books as they identify those moments in children’s lives on with “Star Wars” characters!

The next two books are for anyone that’s ever been around a cat for more than ten minutes. “Cat Getting Out of Bag” and “Cats are Weird” are two of my personal favorite books ever. They will have you rolling on the floor. Brown is know for taking a lot from life and putting it in his books in an entertaining way, and his Cat series’ takes all those things you or your friends’ cat does and hilariously showcases it. These strange creatures have a hold on us but we keep loving them, even through all the absurd things they do, as observed in these books. You really can’t read either of these books and not say “My cat does that!”

Brown’s talent really shines with these great books. He’s perfectly able to encompass great little moments and make them interesting. His art style stands alone and really makes you take notice of what’s going on in the story. He’s extremely talented and his work is highly recommended beyond just these four delightful books.