Fox, Witherspoon looking to make Nice.

Jen Sacks’ Nice will reenter the world of film.

Fox Spotlight has purchased the film rights to Nice, with the intention of developing it for Reese Witherspoon.

Grace is a nice young magazine Editor that has trouble saying no. She does not like to hurt peoples’ feelings and dislikes confrontations. When Grace ends up killing a date, she finds that murder is much easier than breaking up.

Of course things aren’t that easy. A professional hit man becomes intrigued, and attracted, to Grace. As they begin dating, the question arises: Will they find true love? If not, who will kill who?

Ben Queen will handle the adaptation. Queen previously wrote and produced Nathan Fillion’s short (very short)-lived series Drive.

Nice was previously owned by Warner Brothers. They attempted to make it a little…nicer. The attempts resulted in a project that nobody was especially excited about. The edginess is what made Nice interesting. Why buy it only to water it down? Wait, this is Hollywood. Such questions are purely rhetorical.

The Matador and Grosse Pointe Blank have shown that you can make a killer sympathetic.

Fox apparently wants to keep the dark humor and edginess.