FOYLE’S WAR: The end is near

Having returned, on Acorn TV, on February 2nd, we are now preparing for the final episode of the outstanding FOYLE’S WAR.

This season is set in 1946 London, former DCS Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) now employs his unerring investigative skills on behalf of MI5, assisted by his ever-faithful driver, Sam Wainwright (Honeysuckle Weeks). I have to say, until I actually sat down and watched the first two episodes of this season, it had not really sunk in that this amazing show was really ending. Over the last twelve years, Anthony Horowitz has kept a consistently high standard of quality, delivering damn good stories and exceptional acting. The first season (aka series) took place in 1940 and over the course of these 8 seasons (or 9 series for those overseas), Horowitz and co have taken us through the war, and now dealing with the aftermath, in the setting of England. We all have seen plenty of films and shows that took us to the frontlines in Europe and the Pacific, but England was badly damaged with a secret war being fought with spies and double agents, as well as criminals that sought to take advantage of the chaos. Christopher Foyle patriotically served his country by protecting her while all eyes were on the battles being waged by the armed forces.

After an attempt on Hilda Pierce’s life, Foyle scrutinizes her work for the Special Operations Executive during the war. Could this be related to the deaths of nine SOE agents in France and rumors of a traitor called Plato?

The series finale, entitled ELISE, debuts, on Acorn TV, on February 16th.