Frank Miller: Hollywood’s busiest man.

Iconic Comic book writer Frank Miller to adapt Raymond Chandler for Clive Owen.

Back in January, I reported that Clive Owen would be the next actor to play Raymond Chandler’s iconic P.I. Phillip Marlowe. At that time, no decision had been made as to what story they would use.

Now Variety is reporting that the source material will be the novella Trouble is my Business.

Not only that, but they are also reporting that Frank Miller will writing the screenplay. Miller and Owen previously worked together on Miller’s Sin City.

Miller’s style is sparse and brutal. I have no problem believing that he could do a fantastic job on this project.

In the Variety article, Owen said this of Miller taking on Chandler’s material: “Frank Miller knows more about noir than anyone I have ever met, and clearly the writing of Raymond Chandler has been an enormous influence on his life and his work. Miller adapting Chandler seemed like a perfect match.”

Years ago, Miller swore off Hollywood after a very negative experience with the Robocop films. Robert Rodriguez managed to coax him into co-directing Sin City (which was based on three of Miller’s graphic novels).

Since returning with Sin City, Miller has become a hot commodity in Hollywood.

Not only is he doing Trouble is my Business, he is also adapting and directing The Spirit. Based on an old comic strip, The Spirit is about a man who dies and comes back to life. Upon returning, he dedicates himself to fighting crime.

Miller’s graphic novel Ronin is being made into a film with Stomp the Yard director Sylvian White at the helm.

Miller will also be re-teaming with Rodriguez (and likely Owen) to do Sin City 2, which is expected to start shooting either late this year or early next year.