Frank Zappa – The Freak Out list

A Sexy Intellectuals DVD/ MVD Entertainment Group

Frank Zappa is one of my all time favorite musicians, hands down. I consider the man a genius. His music is layers and works on numeous levels so it is hardly surprising that so many people want to analyze and talk about his music. I’ve read a few books about FZ and a number of them come off as overly pretentious which to me is about making the author look smart and not about the music.

In his autobiography Frank Zappa shares a lot of candid thoughts and one of the things that I take away from it is that FZ had a problem with people who were willingly stupid. I bring this up because this disc is not for the casual Zappa fan who wants to listen to titties and beer. This DVD is something that is meant to make you think, as believe most of Zappa’s music does on some level given the Ability he show for composition with his music and his No Fear attitude towards trying new things.

This DVD, THE FREAK OUT LIST gets it’s name from FZ’s first album, FREAK OUT and a list that was contianed with in of musical influences. This DVD explores these influences and how they had a bearing on the music FZ would do himself. And while I think a casual fan will not enjoy this, I found it to be fascinating. The people they bring in are music experts and Zappa fans. The music they discuss ranges from classical to jazz and doo wop. There is a bit of Zappa music and some interesting footage but this is more about the music that molded Frank.

If you are a true fan of music and especially of Frank Zappa I think you will enjoy this. If you knowingly spend money on Journey or the Jonas Brothers or Motley Crue, , this is way too smart for you.

Jon Jordan