FRANKLIN AND BASH returns tonight for season two

Brecklin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar are back for season two of TNT’s FRANKLIN & BASH. In the first season, Jared Franklin (Meyer) and Peter Bash (Gosselaar) took their scrappy and questionable legal skills to the powerful firm of Infeld Daniels. While Stanton Infeld is delighted by them, they quickly antogonize other partners. The fact that they win cases, and have more than a little charm, is enough to get their critics at bay.

But what makes the pair likable is  that they truly care about their clients. Hi-jinks and partying aside, they want to help people, especially those that have the odds against them.

So what is new? Stanton Infeld wants to make Peter and Jared equity partners! The premire focuces on this as the partners are split on the idea and it is suggested that bringing in a major client would go a long way towards sealing the deal.

F&B go after a large beverage company and manage to convince the CEO (Kevin Nealon) to give them a chance, but a wild night of partying ends in the CEO in jail. F&B get him free and are given one task to cement the deal. But that task may require them to sacrifice their morals for business.

Meanwhile, an old friend (Eddie Jemison) finds himself in legal trouble after he mistakes a female police officer for a partier in costumer and resists arrest. Peter and Jared use some patented F&B tactics to help their pal and Peter gets a date with the cop.

Both Meyer and Gosselaar  show considerable charm in F&B and Malcom McDowell is always entertaining as Infeld Stanton. The show keeps things light, occasionally turning up the drama a bit. But the show is mainly a vehicle to showcase the antics of Peter and Jared.

In addition to Nealon, the season premiere features Ernie Hudson and Martin Mull as judges. Boston Legal also used special guest appearances for judges. No word as to whether or not we can expect more.

Nothing has changed from the first season, folks that did not care for that almost certainly will walk away disappointed. But if you had fun the first time around, you will have more than a few smirks from the season premiere.

FRANKLIN & BASH airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm ET/9 pm CST on TNT.