FREAKY DEAKY North American rights picked up by Entertainment One

Deadline has announced that Entertainment One has acquired FREAKY DEAKY, charlie Matthau’s film version of the classic Elmore Leonard novel.

In FREAKY DEAKY, Chris Mankowski’s (Billy Burke) first day on the sex crimes unit of the Detroit Police Department does not go well. Not only does he fall for the first person to report an assault to him, he’s suspended for investigating the rich, powerful and completely drunk Woody Ricks (Crispin Glover). Chris takes matters into his own hands – only to discover there are all kinds of people trying to get something – money, revenge, or both from Woody.

The film is set in 1974, a departure from Leonard’s 80s based tale. According to Charlie, it was Elmore himself that suggested the change. The initial draft had it set in modern day, with the characters Eco-terrorists instead of simply former radicals. By moving it back in time, Charlie could use the youth oriented cast he desired and also take advantage of an era of great change and turmoil. The cast includes Glover, Burke, Michael Jai White, Christian Slater, Andy Dick, Breanne Racano and Sabina Gadecki.

Very cool, I am thrilled to see FD finally get a distributor for North America. Charlie has been plugging away at FREAKY DEAKY for over five years. In the time, there have been many changes and setbacks, but Charlie and co kept going and never gave up. Nice to see it take a very big step towards the big screen.