Free Comic Book Day Is Saturday

Every spring we kick off our leaving the house into the warmer weather with a trip to C2E2 in Chicago. It’s a wonderful weekend celebration of comics and pop culture.  It is very quickly followed by what has become a Jordan holiday, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (click through the link for their home page). Hundreds of stores across the US will be giving away comic books this Saturday. The goal is of course promotion, bring new people to comic book stores and bring in new readers to comics.  And I think it does do this though how well I can’t say. I do know I love going out and seeing so many people enjoying the comic stores and comics for a day.

Here’s the thing though, the comics are free to us, the stores buy them. They are discounted by the publishers but they are costing the store money. Over all it is money well spent a it brings in a lot of people. But let’s remember the stores are spending money to entertain us. How do we say thank you?

WE BUY COMICS. Or toys, or games or t shirts or something. The stores here in Milwaukee are offering a discount store wide on Free Comic Book Day.  So grab your free comics and then go find some awesome stuff to buy.

Here’s a list of the free comics you’ll see this Saturday: FREE COMICS 2017

This year I plan to buy some more of the Star Wars comic trades from Marvel, I’m going to pick up more Squirrel Girl for my bride and I always look for new toys.  Other things to check out if it has been a while since you bought comics would be the new Archie comics. The new run on Archie and Jughead and Batty and Veronica has been great. Also Archie Meets the Ramones is fabulous.

DC’s Rebirth is in full swing and a lot of the trades are out. I’ve been enjoying them all. Superman and Action comics are the best they’ve been in over ten years I kid you not. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey is AMAZING. I’m also loving Flash and Batman.

Each year we go our group gets bigger. We finish with lunch at a great local hot dog place (Martino’s) and then back to the castle to compare our goodies and play comic related games with comic movies paying.

Start your own tradition!

People dress up, the store are full of happy people. Get out there and get some comics!