Rick Ross with Cathy Scott
Freeway Studios

In November 1996, Rick Ross saw his life of 36 years flash before his eyes. With two U.S. Marshalls escorting him off to prison to face twenty years to life with no possibility of parole. This was no game, Rick Ross was being sent to Lompoc Federal Penitentiary. Lompoc is a maximum-security facility in central California. Why you ask? Rick Ross was the “kingpin”, the highest cocaine distributor in California. He was the leader or the “Top Man” is what he viewed and called himself. The best and there was no one better. Rick Ross was born in Arp, Texas, a rural town, population of 800 in Smith County. A single mother raised him with his older brother David, being abandon by his father. The death of his Uncle George put the first link in the chain of Rick’s life, after his Aunt Bobbi-Jo was stabbed, leaving his mother no choice but to move Rick to California, leaving his older brother David behind with their father.

Rick struggled in school with reading and writing. The schools he attended that just pushed him through was no help. He spend a childhood growing up with cousins, friends, and an interest in sports. His commitment in tennis he prayed would be his way out of the world he lived in with gangbangers all around him on every corner. It is quite amazing Rick did not find himself part of the gangbanger world.

Freeway Rick Ross, The Untold Autobiography that Rick wrote with known True Crime author and journalist Cathy Scott, will give you the true details exactly how Freeway Rick Ross got his name, fortune, businesses, within the rise of the drug world of California and other states. Just how was the U.S government involved? What part did Rick play in the Iran Contra Scandal? Read his own words, his failures, success of years not being caught, and who, what brought him down for him to change?

This story will be retold and shared to American classrooms to children on what can happen when you go down the wrong path. His story shows the true meaning of having everything you could imagine, but at what price. Rick turned his prison walls into his own institution of learning how to read and write. As for Rick Ross, his fight for a life of teaching others has just started for the good.

The innocence of a child lost, grew a man searching for survival within himself.

Marie Nicoll