French Tell No One doing just fine in U.S.

Yesterday morning, I was drinking coffee while checking out various author sites. I happened upon that of Harlan Coben and discovered that the French film version of Tell No One had landed here in the states. I realize I am supposed to know this, but I don’t always check up on the foreign films.

Not only is it in the U.S., but also is actually doing pretty good numbers. As of Aug 3rd, Tell No One had done 2.3 million dollars on 94 screens.
Upon doing some research, the film has gotten good reviews from the likes of Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal (Who looks to the WSJ for advice on what films to see?) as well as The New York Times and the L.A. Times. I would imagine a fair amount of that money has come from L.A. and NYC.
Last time I checked, it was screening in 19 states. You can check on IMDB to see if it is showing near you.
I can’t help but imagine that either an English dubbed version, or simply a complete remake will be forthcoming.