DARKNESS ALL AROUND by Doug Magee in this Weeks Contest

Time again for the FRIDAY READS/Crimespree contest! Crimespree, in conjunction with Friday Reads Facebook page, is thrilled to be offering you a chance to get DARKNESS ALL AROUND by Doug Magee.

When there’s DARKNESS ALL AROUND . . . some memories are best forgotten

Within the span of one harrowing week, Risa’s alcoholic husband, Sean, disappears, and her best friend, Carol, is brutally murdered. Eleven years later, Risa has seemingly put her life back together again, comforted by the love of her new husband, who is a local politician, and the knowledge that Carol’s killer has been convicted. But then just as suddenly as he disappeared, Sean resurfaces— sober, plagued by horrific recollections of Carol’s murder, and convinced he was the real killer.

Sean’s startling claim buzzes through the small, football-crazy Pennsylvania community, and Risa is left to wonder if the man she still loves actually committed the grisly murder. Her growing belief in his innocence sends her on a treacherous search for the truth: a search that reveals ugly secrets that her new husband and the town’s law enforcement community are hiding.

Emboldened by her discoveries, Risa convinces Sean to flee as the town’s violent forces move in to keep the truth from coming to light. But Risa doesn’t realize that her attempts to get vindication for Sean may come at a very high price.

Part murder mystery, part love story, Darkness All Around is a gripping exploration of the depths of the criminal mind, the fine line between the truth and a lie, and the bravery of the human heart.

Doug Magee
Doug Magee is a writer, photographer, and filmmaker living in New York’s East Harlem. He is a graduate of Amherst College and Union Theological Seminary. He has had a decidedly checkered career.

Doug worked as a freelance photojournalist for a number of years and was published in many major magazines and newspapers, including a New York Times front page photo of violence in Portugal.He is the author of SLOW COMING DARK, a book of interviews with death row inmates, and WHAT MURDER LEAVES BEHIND, profiles of families of murder victims. In addition, he has written three children’s books. His films include the HBO movie SOMEBODY HAS TO SHOOT THE PICTURE and the Showtime movie BEYOND THE CALL.

He is married to Mary Hedahl, the director of development at Human Rights First. The eldest of his three sons, Tim Magee, an associate professor at Westchester Community College, is married to Julie Tant Magee and they are the parents of William and Natalie. Joey Magee is in his first year at Oberlin College. Jackson Magee is a junior at Bard High School Early College. All three sons are left handed.

Doug is passionately opposed to state-sanctioned killing and hopes to see this archaic punishment abolished in his lifetime.

NEVER WAVE GOODBYE, his first novel, was published in June 2010. His second novel, DARKNESS ALL AROUND, was published in October, 2011, and came out in paperback on June 19, 2012.

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