FRINGE: The Complete Fourth Season to be released in September

Warner Home Video has announced that September 4th will see the release of FRINGE: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD and Blu-ray.

Set in two parallel universes, the FBI’s Fringe Division investigates unusual incidents that defy explanation. When unimaginable events threaten existence on a universal scale, Special Agent Olivia Dunham, eccentric fringe scientist Walter Bishop and his alternate-universe born son, Peter, continue their mission to heal the rifts between the two worlds. To complicate matters further, Peter has mysteriously returned to a universe in which he never existed – a virtual stranger to the Fringe team – while a God Complex-driven madman is crossing between realities with an absolute endgame in mind that will destroy both worlds! Wrestling with questions of identity, destiny and existence, the Fringe team must not only struggle to reset their reality and find each other again, but save both universes…by sacrificing more than one of their lives!

A World Without Peter
The Observers
Beyond the Fringe (Comic Book)
Peter Bishop Audition Tapes
Blu-ray EXCLUSIVE – The Scientist Roundtable
Blu-ray EXCLUSIVE – Fringe Decoded
Blu-ray EXCLUSIVE – Ultraviolet copy of all 22 episodes!
Gag Reel
Deleted Scenes

MSRP: DVD is $59.98, BD is $69.97.