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From a Crimespree Reader

Sometimes late at night, while working on the magazine, I wonder if we might not be crazy continuing with the magazine. Are people reading? Are we reaching folks with what we do?

And then we get an email or letter like this one and I remember exactly why we do it.

“I wanted you and your wife to know how much I value Crimespree. Odd, maybe, since I am a moderately cozy writer and, for the most part, a cozy reader, and Crimespree probably isn’t thought of as a magazine appealing to those sitting in the cozy corner of crime writing. Why, then, am I a loyal and happy subscriber? Largely because of the family feeling I get as I enjoy learning from and about other writers, other worlds, other types of crime writing. There is a warm, friendly, “writerly” spirit evident throughout your magazine and I treasure it.” – Radine Trees Nehring

I love our readers!!!