G. W. Bailey Interview

Major Crimes is one of the most popular crime drama shows on television, portraying a special squad within the LAPD that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes. It has taken the already rich and developed characters of The Closer and endowed them with more back story and more emotional depth. This show explores how these law enforcement officers work together as a special squad within the LAPD. After capturing the perpetrator, they work with prosecutors to ensure a conviction. 

G. W. Bailey portrays Detective Lieutenant Louie Provenza, the senior ranking officer serving in the Major Crimes Unit under the unit’s commanding officer, Captain Sharon Raydor. He is almost always in command at a crime scene or in the field if Captain Raydor is not present. His years of experience as a detective give him keen insight on criminal behavior, and is often seen mentoring the younger detectives in his unit whether he wants to or not.