Gaiman’s SANDMAN may be heading to the small screen.

This could really suck…or it could rock mightily.

Heat Vision is reporting that Warner television is in the process of acquiring the TV rights to Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN series. SANDMAN is about Morpheus, the Lord of the Dreaming. The ones that I have read ranged from gothic to horror to outright fantasy. Gaiman is an amazing writer and created an enchanting cast of characters.

The material is quite rich and I can see the appeal of adapting it, but there is a tremendous risk to that: Can it be successfully be brought to the small screen? Can it be done without breaking the bank and so that it appeals to a broad enough audience?

According to the article, the name most mentioned is Eric Kripke, the man bvehind CW’s SUPERNATURAL. I have not seen the show, but Gerald has been quite impressed by it.

The comics have managed to not only keep the core comic audience, but also draw other elements of the population. Goths, the art crowd and fans of fantasy and horror literature have all embraced the series. It has also garnered a number of awards.