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Gary Warren Niebuhr Retires

Gary Warren Niebuhr

Greendale Public Library Director Gary Warren Niebuhr announced his retirement after 36 years of public service and today is his last day. (not kidding though Gary is often hysterically funny so it’s the perfect day for his last day)

garyWhen I first transitioned from becoming just a reader to a fan and part of the mystery community Gary was one of the first people I met. He was at most of the signings I went to and also co-hosted (with Ted Hertel) the first Bouchercon I went to. Over the years we’ve become friends and I really like Gary a lot. He always makes me laugh and his enthusiasm for everything he does knows no bounds. He’s been a part of the mystery community for years and has done more than any of us will ever know to help promote the genre. He was a fan guest of honor at the Toronto Bouchercon which is also where he won an Anthony Award for best non-fiction book, an amazing work about the PI genre. (A weird moment for me as I was up for the same award, though Gary’s book is worlds more deserving than mine and he earned that award). He also led the Bouchercon standing committee for quite a while, a thankless job that drives most mortals to drink heavily. He’s also written countless reviews and article. The man loves mystery and PI fiction in particular and he shares the love with EVERYONE.

I still see Gary at signings, he come to Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee each year. I know he’s been traveling more and he is also doing some really cool art. I imagine retiring will not mean he’s not busy, just more time to do art, read and travel.

If you’ve ever met Gary you know as well as I do he’s an amazing guy. I wish him lots of fun in his future. Also a huge thanks for doing Bouchercon 1999, because of that I met my wife Ruth for which I will forever owe him.

Thank you Gary for helping so many people find that perfect book and for helping people find and meet so many now favorite authors.