Gerald So looks at WHITE COLLAR: Stealing Home.

Thanks to USA Network, Crimespree has screened this season’s final two episodes of White Collar. We’re posting some thoughts this week and next to whet your appetite.

In tomorrow night’s episode, “Stealing Home” (directed by series star Tim DeKay), Neal and Mozzie are recruited by legendary con man Gordon Taylor (Hal Oszan), and learn of a plot to steal Babe Ruth’s historic first home run ball from the new Yankee Stadium museum.

In a letter to the press, Tim DeKay wrote that directing “Stealing Home” had added meaning for him as a passionate baseball fan and athlete. White Collar’s authentic, vibrant shooting of New York has always been a feather in the show’s cap, and with “Stealing Home”, White Collar becomes the first TV series to film inside the new stadium and on the field–an experience DeKay called “a dream come true”.

Be sure to catch WHITE COLLAR Tuesday, February 21 at 10/9C on USA.

Gerald So