Anthony Bourdain/Joel Rose/LagndonFoss
Publisher: Vertigo
Publication date: July 3rd, 2012

If you spot this book in a comic store or book store it’s going to jump out at you. Respond to the desire to pick it up, turn a couple pages. Once you see a few of the interior pages the art will make you desire more. This is a good thing, go with it. And while it is the art by Lagndon Foss that grabs you it is the story that makes you smile and keep turning the pages.

I was excited when I heard about this book, the thought of Bourdain doing a graphic novel was such a natural I actually wonder why no one asked before. It’s such a clever idea, food being the most important thing and as a result chefs and the people who cook have power. The book takes us to a city where two chefs control things and reside in the “inner circle” where only the beautiful people are allowed to be. On the outskirts a small restaurant is run by Jiro who specializes in Sushi. We get a quick sense of the book early on when some knucklehead walks in his place and orders California roll and is beheaded. The police come to pick up lunch and they resond to the headless corpse by paying for their food and calling a cleanup unit on the way out. Word spreads of Jiro’s prowess and the two head chefs want him, but Jiro prefers to be an independent operator. Crazy fun for the reader ensues.

I’ve read this twice already and will read again. It’s a great book and the story is classicly based faction against faction but feels all new. The really great part is the superb characters that Bourdain and Rose have given us and the way food ties into all aspects of this without effort. This is a masterpiece, and should be served in fine bookstores and restaurants everywhere.