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It’s that time of year, so from now until December 31st at midnight if you buy a gift subscription for someone we’ll give you 2 issues of Crimespree.  We’ll also enter you to win a 1 year subscription to the SOHO INTERNATIONAL CRIME CLUB. That’s a book a month for a year from SOHO!!


When you get the gift subscription include a letter or send us an email so we know it’s a gift and we can find out where to send your free two issues!


As an added bonus we’ll be letting people enter a drawing to win a subscription to the SOHO International Crime Club as well.


Between now and DECEMBER 25th, send and email to

JON$@Crimespreemag.com (Remove the $ )

with SOHO XMAS in the subject line and your address and we’ll pick out a winner right after Christmas.


A big thanks to the awesome folks at SOHO for doing this!! They publish great books and so this will be a real treat for two lucky people!!!