Giles Blunt looking to bring John Cardinal to Canadian television.

Detective John Cardinal may be coming to Canadian television.

 Author Giles Blunt has signed a deal with Bell Media, parent company of CTV, to develop his John Cardinal books for television. The deal calls for Blunt to adapt his own work into a six episode series, a format that Blunt likens to the acclaimed British series PRIME SUSPEC and one he is excited about.  “That allows room for subplots and backstory that would have to be cut or severely compressed in a two-hour movie,” Blunt said. “but it’s still short enough to preserve a sense of urgency. Really, it’s ideal.”

I asked him how he felt about bringing his own characters from the page to the screen: “I’m not worried about the change of medium, as I’ve worked in television before and my books are conceived pretty much in cinematic terms anyway–in scenes and dialogue rather than narration, so I’m not expecting any great difficulties to crop up there.”