Gischler and Smith’s PULP BOY has director of Photography.

Crime writers and all-around good guys Victor Gischler and Anthony Neil Smith have written a screenplay about a legendary pulp writer named Emerson Lasalle. Emerson has lived an insane life and his story needs to be told.

Now Pulpboy has a guy to make the cameras do their thing. Producer Jake Dickey has hired William Otto as Director of Photography for the project. Otto sent his reel in and Jake felt his style would work well with the screenplay.

Mr. Otto read the screenplay and liked it. “It reminded me a bit of William Klein’s MR. FREEDOM, in terms of the visual style with its lead character caught in the world of the lower middle class as a makeshift super hero. I enjoyed reading it and it should give me lots of options with being creative visually and stylistically.”

Normally, I would not make much noise about this, but this guy has a pretty cool background. There are plenty of folks in Hollywood that have worked on music videos, but Bill Otto got his start by recording and selling videos of punk concerts.

I asked Bill how he thought this background affected his style. He described shooting bands as documentary work and that it helped him capture things as they happen and is very effective with directors that allow improvisation.

Mr. Otto sounds like an excellent fellow to work with the material Victor and Neil.

For Mr. Otto’s body of work, check out his IMDB listing.