Gischler’s VAMPIRE A GO-GO may be heading to the movies.

More film news regarding Victor Gischler. It seems The Gisch is doing lunches and taking meetings all over Tinsletown. He already has deals for GUN MONKEYS, GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE and his original screenplay PULP BOY, but still he wants more!

Acclaimed Independent film-maker Allison Anders (FOUR ROOMS, GAS, FOOD, LODGING) has teamed up with punk drummer Terry Graham (The Cramps, Gun Club) to form Revolution9 productions. And guess whose material has caught their eye?

Allison and Terry are interested in bringing VAMPIRE A GO-GO to the big screen.. The deal they have not an option per say, but rather deal that allows them to explore the possibilities of making it happen (They can take meetings and do lunches about it). I recently got in touch with Terry to find out a little more about their plans.

How did you first come about Vamp?

Allison Anders and I had just formed our new production company, Revolution9, and were looking for interesting books to develop into movies. As a former drummer for a variety of punk bands in Los Angeles, my taste isn’t particularly mainstream, so, vaguely aware of a neo-noir / pulp renaissance in newly published fiction, I searched the internet for titles. Found GO-GO GIRLS OF THE APOCALYPSE right off the bat and immediately wanted to know more about it and Victor. I was not surprised to learn that Go-Go Girls was already optioned. But I was surprised to learn that Vampire was not. We read the book and were knocked out by the possibilities.

What about it made you want to develop it for the big screen?

Vampire is visually arresting. Absolutely jumps off the page. So I knew a movie version would at least be fun to watch. But the characters and humor are really what made the story work for both of us. An over-the-top Gothic realism with authentic period detail serves as the perfect backdrop for characters who run amok in a tongue-in-cheek adventure story. Stir in a hot, sexy female Vampire, a gun-toting priest, warring wizards, a lycanthrope chick, a golum and a gang of zombies who, after they age, crumble into dust. How could all that NOT be a delicious movie?

Have either of you read any of Victor’s other novels?

We’ve both read Vampire and I’ve read SUICIDE SQUEEZE, which I also loved. It’s obvious that Victor just plain knows how to write a good story. Both of us intend to read all his books but, right now, I’m still a little disappointed that I hadn’t discovered Go-Go Girls before it was optioned, so I might have to wait a little before I can read that one. Ha!

Terry Graham