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Good-bye to a Lovely Lass

The mystery community began for me as an on-line concept. Keep in mind this was 15 years ago. Back in the day where if you really wanted to get to a chat room you began to dial in 30 minutes prior and hoped you not only got on but didn’t get kicked off after getting there due to high volume, bad servers , or plain old fashioned technology temperment.

When I began to explore with my new toy I searched “mystery websites” and there it was.

What fun I had exploring , reading lists, mystery gatherings, other mystery links and the guest book. I e-mailed S. J. Rozan for the first time through the guest book, ditto Robert Crais. It was back in the days when there weren’t a lot of us out there. Not many even had websites let alone, blogs, myspace, twitter or facebook.

CLUELASS was quite simply a web site with an interactive feel. Over the years it has remained so because of the love Kate has for Mystery. Much cleaner and easier to get to today, it has remained a go to tool for me through out the years and now….
It is disbanding, soon to be just a memory…. and I wanted to invite everyone who’s never been to stop by and take a look around.

Thanks Kate, for everything you’ve done to bring the mystery community together and thanks for welcoming me in those many years ago. You will be missed.